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  Sephra are the most trusted name in chocolate fountains. With a network of distributors, our
  high quality products can be delivered globally at the lowest costs available in the market.
  With a full range of commercial chocolate fountains, waffle makers, crepe makers, candy
  floss machines, popcorn machines, beverage fountains, hot chocolate dispensers, chocolate
  melters and tempering machines and of course our fountain ready Belgian chocolate and our
  "add water only" waffle and crepe mixes, Sephra truly are a one-stop shop for any catering
  business. Buffet restaurants around the world have found huge success in using our products
  as part of their presentation and food service offering. With a free next day delivery service
  throughout the United Kingdom, you can rely on us to deliver in time for your last minute
  events and orders.  Click here for more information about Sephra Europe Ltd
The Sephra Brochure information about all of our products. The Sephra Price List will assist you whether you're interested in chocolate fountains, waffle makers, crepe makers, popcorn machines, candy floss machine, melting, tempering, dispensing, beverage fountains or even if its just our chocolate and consumables you require more information about.